Vanilla Yogurt

The most digestible minced and whipped SAFE-HIDE™

Give your furry best friend a taste of Vanilla Yogurt SuperSnaXX StiXX! Your dog's taste buds will be on a sweet creamy adventure with these dog chew sticks. An ideal reward or dog training treats your dog will crave. Not only will your pup love these long lasting dog chews but you can also feel good about providing a high protein grain and gluten-free treat. Each package contains eight of these delicious puppy treats in a freshness-retaining resealable bag.

wonder stixx nutrition facts


Beef hide, Glycerol, Liquid Smoke, Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Artificial Peanut Butter Flavor, Artificial Banana Flavor, Caramel Color, FD&C Yellow # 5, FD&C Yellow # 6.

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein minimum 40%
Crude fat minimum 0.3%
Crude fiber maximum 3.5%
Moisture maximum 20%
Ash: 5.5 %
NFE: 19.1 %

SuperSnaXX StiXX
nutrition facts

Minced & Whipped SAFE-HIDE™ is now the most digestible and palatable rawhide on today's market. Our Bacon Flavor SuperSnaXX StiXX are 47.1 calories per chew and 40% protein. Healthy Chews understands the concerns with regular rawhide. Regular Rawhide chews often present choking, blockage and digestion issues . This is why we created SAFE-HIDE™ Our new patent-pending manufacturing process eliminates the concerns associated with Regular Rawhide and makes Wonder Chews the Safe and Healthy SAFE-HIDE™.


The Healthy SAFE-HIDE™

WonderSnaXX make sure to provide the optimal treat experience for your dog. SAFE-HIDE™ is a great way of giving your dog the high protein and low calorie chew that your dog will crave!

  • Highly Digestible SAFE-HIDE™
  • Minced & Whipped
  • Full of Tasty Flavor
  • High in Protein
  • Grain-Free & Gluten Free

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Not only are our StiXX and SnaXX easy to digest, high in protein and grain-free but they are long lasting rawhide and extremely luscious taste.

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